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Carriers of the Glory of Christ

Apostolic-prophetic ministry resource center

Kingdom Vision Center uses an apostolic approach to discipleship that emphasizes the formation of Christ in every man, woman, and child.

When you hunger for more, beyond what you’ve experienced ….

When you want to know more about where you fit in the church and the world around you ….

No matter where you are in your faith journey, you can move forward in your God-ordained purpose and placement within Christ’s Kingdom on earth.

We lay a sure foundation and build upon it to prepare mature sons and daughters to display the glory of Christ.

Tony and Irene Fournier

Ordained in 1996, Tony and Irene are apostolic foundation-layers and encouragers to the Church. Their heart is to build up the local church by supporting leadership, releasing the potential in every believer, and helping bring divine order and unity of the Spirit. Gifted to unlock revelatory treasures from the Word of God, they bring essential biblical understanding to the saints as well as transformative prophetic ministry.  Meet our leaders!

Apostolic-prophetic ministry resource center mission


We will equip believers to become conformed to the image of Christ.


We will establish a center that equips, provides resources, supports, and strengthens local and regional churches, ministries, and leaders.


We will restore the Biblical pattern of unity and divine order.

Laying apostolic foundations, strengthening leaders in all seven mountains of culture

Our Ministries


Providing apostolic counsel and prophetic insight.


Discipleship training tailored to various stages of your faith development.


Hosting His presence, preparing His people.


"In one word, Tony and Irene Fournier are catalysts! When people come into their presence, they so inspire people to encounter Christ, that they come in one way, but they will definitely leave another - having been transformed. We have taken some of our youth group to their conferences and our youth will come back different and more mature in Christ. Confident and excited about their futures because they know they have heard from God, and God does what He says He will do! We are thankful for the Fournier’s and highly recommend their conferences!"
Matt and Selam Daugherty
Stafford, Virginia
“I believe that meeting Tony and Irene Fournier is an answer to prayer. They have both been supportive of my ministerial endeavors and have provided apostolic and prophetic leadership, prayer, and direction. Every meeting with them provides an opportunity for teaching, support, prayer and to help me increase in the development of a Kingdom focused perspective."
Terry O’Connor​
Woodbridge, Virginia - Director, Healing Room of Woodbridge

Available resources

In-depths studies and inspirational direction from Kingdom Vision Center co-founders Tony and Irene Fournier.