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Catalysts for Releasing the Reign of Heaven

Catalysts! Such a charged word, especially when used to characterize the nature of a ministry. I was just as shocked when this word was first used to describe the impact of our ministry on the lives of those we serve.

“In one word, Tony and Irene Fournier are catalysts! When people come into their presence, they so inspire people to encounter Christ, that they come in one way, but they will definitely leave another – having been transformed. We have taken some of our youth group to their conferences and our youth will come back different and more mature in Christ. Confident and excited about their futures because they know they have heard from God, and God does what He says He will do! We are thankful for the Fournier’s and highly recommend their conferences!”

Matt and Selam Daugherty, Stafford, Virginia

Figuratively, a catalyst can be “a condition, event, or person that is the cause of an important change.” In biology and chemistry, “a catalyst is also a substance that causes or speeds a chemical reaction without itself being changed.”[1]

Jesus Christ, the greatest change agent in human history, taught His first disciples to declare these catalytic words when invoking the name of Our Heavenly Father, “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” This mandate to release heaven on earth has not changed.

As disciples of Christ in this generation, we have been charged to reveal the will of our Father in the earth and disciple the nations. In response to this mandate, Kingdom Vision Center is pioneering the next phase of reformation that emphasizes a full return to God’s original identity and function of the ekklesia (church). We are calling forth a generation of godly reformers conformed to the image of Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit to influence change in every sphere of culture.

A catalytic substance is only effective when blended with other essential ingredients. Are you that missing element essential to the full release of His Kingdom on earth? We believe you are.

On October 6 and 7, 2023, Kingdom Vision Center is hosting its annual Empowerment Summit Alexandria, VA. The theme of the Summit is Encounter, Engage, Expand! This two-day immersive encounter will empower believers to engage the enemy at the gates, and expand the Kingdom of God in their cities, states, nations and beyond!

We invite you to join us as we set an atmosphere filled with anointed, Spirit-led praise and worship that will welcome the Presence of the LORD. A team of powerful keynote speakers will release timely apostolic wisdom, prophetic revelation, teaching and impartation that will accelerate you into your assignment.

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