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Encounter, Engage, Expand!

Scrolling through Facebook this morning, I am astounded at the number of posts demonstrating the progression of individuals who have encountered Jesus, subsequently chosen to engage in the manifestation and demonstration of those things we read about in the Bible and are now a part of the family of God through whom the Kingdom of God is being expanded on the earth in this hour!  

I read of those who were former drug addicts for decades and are now traveling the world, sharing their testimony of how they have been set free from bondage and that the same freedom is offered to all! There are those who were brought up in church but became consumed in their careers, perhaps losing their way for a time, who are now keynote speakers for Teen Challenge, helping so many to understand the value of life and its true priorities. So many Christian actors and actresses are risking their reputations and livelihood to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ and advance movements that set the captives free.    

What do all these individuals have in common? They had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. This encounter motivated and inspired them to become engaged with the things of the Kingdom of God. They now share the mutual goal of seeing the gospel of the Kingdom expanded and advanced throughout the world and the Name of Jesus Christ lifted high so that all men may be drawn unto Him. Like Saul of Tarsus who was encountered by Jesus Christ while on his way to Damascus, like Peter whom Jesus called away from his fishing boat, like Lydia who heard the gospel preached and responded to it, and like millions of others, life changed when Jesus came into their space! They were never the same again!

If you are longing for a fresh encounter with the holy, living God, we invite you to join us on October 6 and 7 in Alexandria, Virginia, for our second annual Kingdom Vision Center Empowerment Summit: Encounter, Engage, Expand!

“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you” is a promise we read in James 1:8. Let’s draw near together! Register today to take advantage of the early-bird discount.

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