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Fresh Oil

Apostolic Wisdom and Prophetic Insight

The Grace of Almsgiving – Article 3 of 3

In our first two articles, we clearly established that the grace of almsgiving was not optional for believers. To be like our pattern, Jesus Christ, and like our Heavenly Father, we must be those who have been convinced by the written Word of God, and influenced by the power of the Holy Spirit, to such a degree that this topic is now settled in our hearts. Benevolence to those in need is a personal choice, yes, but, as we already discussed, it is so much more! It is a charis, a grace from God, a divine influence upon our hearts and a liberality that is reflected in our lives.
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The Grace of Almsgiving – Article 2 of 3

The previous article on our topic of grace for almsgiving revealed that it is possible for each one of us to possess this blessed empowerment. What great news that this grace can be received, matured, and activated in us. It is by no means reserved for a select few we would call philanthropists.
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Choose Which Lion You Will Roar With

Two lions are roaring in this new era! Jesus, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, and our adversary, the devil. Both are vying for our attention, agreement, and vocalization of their message! Which lion will you roar with?!
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The Grace of Almsgiving – Article 1 of 3

The Apostle Paul, writing to the church at Corinth, carefully instructs them on the topic of almsgiving. In II Corinthians chapter 8 he begins with a testimonial of the church in Macedonia. This church (ekklesia) was modeling the grace of compassionate, beneficent giving to those in dire need—the Judean church...
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It’s about to pour

Kingdom Vision Center is excited to announce the release of a new blog called “Fresh Oil”. This journal will feature timely articles providing apostolic wisdom, prophetic revelation and foundational teaching that will help you: Understand Father’s purpose for you and the vital role you play in the establishment of His Kingdom in the earth, Deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ, …
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