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KVC hosts the CHRIST FORuM, a discipleship and ministry school that focuses on the apostolic mandate to form Christ-like character in every man, woman, and child.

The CHRIST FORuM offers a multi-phased approach to discipleship tailored to various stages of development in each believer – Found, Form, Fit, Frame and Finish.

Found – this phase provides training and life application of foundational teachings essential to successfully walk with God and grow in faith. A Firm Foundation covers the following topics: Salvation, Water Baptism, Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Prayer and Worship, Fellowship of the Saints, and Bible Basics.

Form – building on Found, this phase provides more substantial foundational teaching for Christians desiring deeper growth, including:

  • Accurately Handling the Word of Truth – How to Study and Interpret the Bible
  • Moving onto Maturity – the First Teachings of Christ
  • Understanding Discipleship and Living the Life of a Disciple – Separated to Carry His Glory

Fit – this phase of development focuses on identifying one’s God-ordained purpose and placement within Christ’s Kingdom on earth. It introduces deeper understanding of the Ekklesia (Church) as an expression of God’s government in the earth, the role and function of the royal priesthood, sonship, and the purpose and use of spiritual, equipping, and body ministry gifts within and outside of the ekklesia.

Frame – preparing disciples for leadership roles and other forms of service within the house of God and the mountains of culture, this phase includes:

  • Aspire – a leadership training program designed to equip believers who have expressed a desire to oversee or lead ministries. This program incorporates practical hands-on experience, course work, and peer-evaluations based upon the qualifications for overseers, elders, and deacons found in 1 Timothy 3:1-13 and Titus 1:5-9.

Finish – this final phase of development focuses on the release of mature sons and daughters into their respective callings, ministries, and spheres of influence. For students in relationship with or serving other ministries, KVC will offer consultation and recommendations regarding the individuals’ readiness to be placed into positions of oversight or service. For disciples under the auspices of KVC, the Board of Elders will convene to pray regarding the candidates’ readiness for release into positions of leadership, service, or other mission-specific callings. As directed by the Holy Spirit, the Elders will license, ordain, or commission individuals through the laying on of hands.


I have been privileged to know and have ministered in nations with this Apostolic Couple. Their insight into God's Word is life changing and their prophetic gift is sharp and accurate. Tony has ministered in churches within my network in my own country of Nigeria. Your Life and Church will never be the same after having them in your Church and Conferences.
Kola O. Emiola
Ibadan, Nigeria - President, Word of Righteousness Ministries and Presiding Pastor, Dominion Impact Church

Fresh Oil

Co-founders Tony and Irene Fournier and others share apostolic wisdom, prophetic revelation, and foundational teaching.